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Episode 385 enquiry

Rangan, I hope you and your family are in good health and happiness. I follow a pescatarian diet that is about 65-70% carbohydrates and I eat 3 meals between 9 am to 9 pm. I do not follow a keto diet and I do not feel comfortable fasting because I am at 18% bmi and do not want to lose any weight. I swim daily and do resistance training a few days a week. My HBA1C is 4.7 and my fasting glucose is actually really low 65-75 mg. The episode with professor Seyfried has me worried I will get cancer. Do I need to follow a keto diet or can I use my glucose levels as an indicator? I am a premium subscriber and I really like your show. Thanks, Lisa


I have done Zoe and found wearing a CGM really helpful. Like you, I want to be able to wear one for a couple of weeks every 4-6mths to check what’s going on. I can’t seem to buy a Libre3 - could you tell me which one you get please?

Air pollution and Holistic Pulmonology.

How to best enhance regeneration in the lungs which have been damaged by air pollution and are being insulted by it o a daily basis. Stem cells - Food - Hypoxia Breathing - Supplements - Cold Exposure - Optimal Climate etc.

Over active gut

Tried everything over last 25 years. Desperate for someone to help me control gut and hoping that you may have some advice please.

Mouth Hygiene

I thought this would be a good area to look into - I see various information on the web but can't really work out what is myth and what is evidence based. I know mouths and teeth are usually the domain of dentists rather than doctors, but being the start of the digestive tract, surely the mouth must be interconnected with all the other systems of the body. What is good mouth hygiene? Should we be using mouthwashes? On the one hand one component of mouthwash is said to destroy coronavirus (this statement is not fact checked!!) but on the other hand surely mouthwash has a bad effect on the mouth microbiome. I recently saw mouth probiotics for sale - how do these work if they are swallowed as pills? Are some toothpastes bad for the mouth microbiome (eg titanium dioxide components)? Does coconut oil mouth rinsing have any merit? Bad breath is common and has knock on effects socially Good teeth give people confidence to smile and has positive social effects Good saliva aids digestion. Chewing is important for jaw formation. Bad bacteria in the mouth easily track to other parts of the body - leading to heart problems, pneumonia etc Does brushing 2x per day do the cleaning job? Can eating an apple at the end of a meal do as good a job? There are lots of unanswered questions in this area Thank you - have recently found your podcasts and have been mega bingeing!! Have found lots of them so helpful.