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Restless Legs

I have had RLS since being small, my mother also had it. It affects me pretty much everyday as it prevents me from relaxing properly in the evenings, and frequently disturbs my sleep as the only way to ease the 'pain' is to get up and walk around. It affects shows, the cinema, meditation, travel, anywhere where I am in a confined space. Exercise and being over tired can make things worse. I'm trying Magnesium supplements, but not convinced. Any ideas and how do others cope? Sometimes I do get RLS in my arms!


I would appreciate a discussion on how to cure ostheoaerhritis in knees and hips. Maybe from an orthopedic specialist who is openminded and has a functional medicine approach. I find little more than how to decrease pain and only anecdotes about getting cured or stop the degeneration.


Is there an eating plan to support managing gallstone pain and inflammation? I'm on a waiting list to have it removed but I'm frightened of the anesthetic after a bad experience during childbirth


Why does it take so long for the nervous system & brain to heal?

Poor food in hospitals

Hi Ranjan - Thank you so much for your valuable work and inspirational podcasts. So grateful for bringing all the experts so we can manage our own good health. My 2.5 old grandson has special needs and is currently in hospital for a severe chest infection and fluid on the lungs. He normally eats healthy natural food but since being in hospital has only been offered unhealthy trans fat processed food. Do you know what the reason is for giving patients unhealthy food whilst in hospital. Many thanks. Lynda Cant -