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Taming Gout

Thank you for this opportunity to ask questions! Notoriously difficult to treat and manage, what is causing the rise in gout around the world? How can it be prevented, treated and stabilized through lifestyle medicine? The National Library of Medicine states that 7.44 million cases of gout were estimated worldwide in 2017 with gout incidence, prevalence, and health loss considerably increasing during the last 25 years. Beyond the pain, mobility restriction, and serious consequences to daily life, predictions also include a projection suggesting gout mortality may increase by 55% in 2060. Source of statistics:

Ultra Processed & Whole Foods

Can I please ask what "ultra processed" and "whole foods" exactly mean? Is all bread from the shop processed or is sourdough from a bakery unprocessed? A few examples would be great.

How do I stick with my health goals?

Hi there, new member here. Your podcast is really insightful and has shed a new light for me. I am aiming to live a healthier and active life. I know what I should do, but I can't seem to create realistic goals and stick with them, especially when it comes to exercising and dieting. Any tips or tricks to help would be much appreciated.

Top 5 book recommendations

Your top 5 book recommendations

Dream guest

Who is your dream podcast guest who you’ve not already had on?? (You can pick someone from history/the past if you want...)