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Demystifying cholesterol

Rangan and team, I’d love to better understand the intricacies of cholesterol. If you have a high LDL but your VLDL and triglycerides are low, is it still a problem? What exactly is APO-B and how does that influence your risk of vascular disease? If cholesterol helps in the creation of vitamin D, how can someone with high cholesterol have a vitamin d deficiency? Is there a link between cholesterol and thyroid conditions? Are statins a miracle or not really all they are touted to be, as studies don’t always seem to show them as an effective broad solution. There is a lot of conflicting info on cholesterol and would value a deep dive on it!

Growing Pains

Any tips on a five year old waking up during the night with pains in his legs.

AG1 and Time restricted eating

Hi, I've just started taking AG1 and also trying to implement time restricted eating - just want to check if AG1 in the morning breaks the fast? Many thanks


Hi, Have you heard about grounding? How you get energy from the earth. The man who discovered it would be happy to chat I am sure. Wondered what you thought! Thanks for everything. Rosa x

Fasting & Nuttients

I’m intrigued how you get enough nutrients, fibre etc in to your diet if you follow a regime of regular fasting? I like the idea of fasting from time to time and your latest podcast was inspiring for me. My dad has heart disease, my mum has dementia. The suggestion that I can influence both of these by using diet & fasting is very motivating for me. I’ve already cleared the biscuits and sweets cupboard!! Would you be able to cover this in a podcast, your weekly emails/update please? Many thanks Anita