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Hi, Have you heard about grounding? How you get energy from the earth. The man who discovered it would be happy to chat I am sure. Wondered what you thought! Thanks for everything. Rosa x

Fasting & Nuttients

I’m intrigued how you get enough nutrients, fibre etc in to your diet if you follow a regime of regular fasting? I like the idea of fasting from time to time and your latest podcast was inspiring for me. My dad has heart disease, my mum has dementia. The suggestion that I can influence both of these by using diet & fasting is very motivating for me. I’ve already cleared the biscuits and sweets cupboard!! Would you be able to cover this in a podcast, your weekly emails/update please? Many thanks Anita


Hi Rangan. Firstly I loved your session about your marathon experiences! I too ran London, my first ever marathon and had an amazing experience. I’m a very active 62 year old. Have been practicing yoga for over 40 years, took up running 6 years ago and recently started at CrossFit. Last year I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I’m a vegetarian who sometimes eats fish and take a whole host of supplements including now athletic greens on your recommendation! Can you say what you feel would be useful supplements to take and anything else I might do to keep the arthritis at bay? Many thanks and keep up your wonderful work! Julie

Supporting clients with medical conditions

Hi im an RGN, CAMHS Nurse and more recently PT with an add on for medical conditions. Im passionate about health is your wealth, supporting middle aged, unfit, non gym bunnies into ageing greatly. My question is, barring Covid, how can i get GP’s on board, to make referrals to me 🙏

AMA #2

Hey, just wondering if there has been a second "Ask Me Anything" episode published. If so, how can I access it. Thank you.