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For the elderly

I am 82 years old. I would like some sugestions for people of my age although I do your kitchen exercises, breathing but not the mindset which I will incorporate. For instance, I cannot run or walk very far with 2 knee replacements and ‘scaffolding’ for 2 fracturd femurs due to accidents!


I have, at time of great sadness and anger with close members of my family including my husband, written down how I was feeling and how I felt about them. The process was helpful but I find it very difficult to revisit and read the pages and I would never want any of those concerned to read them either. So as I have now reached my 60’s , I wonder is after writing such an intense and potentially hurtful record, I should consider destroying them to protect those after I have gone?


Hi Rangan, Love the podcast - been listening to it since the start... I want to ask about Journalling. I have started Journalling first thing in the morning literally before I get out of bed - I set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and write 3 full pages of A4 on a 'stream of consciousness' basis. I understand that this is the best time to be creative and to work through issues which might be bothering me. I have been doing this now for a month. How should I feel? I am not sure I feel any benefit from this. I know you are an advocate of journalling, as are others (also listen to RichRoll and know he is a fan). Should i expect some sort of thunderbolt or are the effects more subtle. I have been dealing with shifts in my life over the last couple of years... retired with loads of plans after 35 years of non-stop work 6 days before the first lockdown; parents getting very old and infirm very quickly it seems, trying to start out as an artist in a small way. I am hoping journalling may help me with finding some sort of balance and dealing with all the changes without getting overwhelmed. Not expecting a direct answer, just generally relating to journalling would be really useful. Thank you and take care Linda

How to deal with PCOS

I've recently been diagnoses with PCOS. Can you tell me what I can do to improve my chances of conceiving? I think I only ovulate once every 45-55 days. Are there more foods I should eat? I know about Folic Acid but what else? Thanks

COVID digits

Any thoughts on non-pharma treatments for covid digit, such as use of cold therapy?