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Transition into winter

Would love to hear some practical steps to take to transition into the colder and darker months. They are weaved through various bigger conversations but it’s hard for me to lift and shift them into actionable steps. Getting up in the morning when it’s dark is a particular challenge. I’m considering sad lamps but hard to know how to incorporate it into the routine. Thank you

Covid Vaccination

Hi Rangan I live in New Zealand and we are currently grappling with how best to manage an outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19. Our governments strategy is to get a minimum of 90% of the over 12s vaccinated before loosening restrictions (allowing restaurants open, sporting events etc) but a significant % of Kiwis are uncomfortable with the virus After listening to your discussion with Dr Seheult, I was left with question "does a vaccine add to the 'swiss cheese' model or ditract from it" My assumption is that the vaccine would be complimentary. That is, it would not unpick any of the gains made in regards to immunity via life style choices (diet, movement, hot&cold, healthy sleep) but instead give your system a head start in the event it needed to manage it Is this right? And by that I mean, would it be prudent to adopt vaccination as well as the habits recommended in the conversation with Dr Seheult rather than instead of (or vice-versa)?

Balancing hormones

How do you naturally balance hormones without going on the pill? I’ve struggled with this for years and it really makes life difficult. I’ve had bad reactions to various types of pill in the past so I won’t try any more. Once you say you won’t take the pill or get the coil, doctors have no time for you. I eat well, have a good sleep routine, get out for a walk every day but my hormones are totally out of whack. Periods are horrendous and even ovulation is rubbish. I get about 7 decent days a month. I would love to know if there’s a better way to support my menstrual cycle.

Young onset Parkinson’s

What lifestyle recommendations would you give to a young mum with PD? How can lifestyle/functional medicine help?


I have done all the things concerning good sleep hygiene, but still have trouble falling asleep. I’ve tried supplements, but they haven’t worked. I’ve taken clonazepam in the past and it does work, but it is only a short term solution. I have listened to all your podcasts concerning sleep and have changed my sleep habits, but still have trouble many nights. I am a 64 year old female in good health. Do you have any advice? I absolutely love your podcasts. I love the guests you have and the way you move the conversations. You ask the questions I am thinking. Thank you for your work. (Thank your wife as well!)