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Talking to people with eating disorders.

Thankfully my daughter is now in recovery from Anerexia. There are many challenges along the way, one of the most difficult, apart from recognising and finding help, for me was understanding what to say and how to communicate about food with a person in that situation. Do you have any advice?

What are your favourite podcasts?

Hello Rangan, I have been listening to your podcast for a few years now and have picked up lots of little bites of wisdom along the way and have slowly adopted better habits in time having listened to the experience and knowledge of others. I love the medium of podcasts best as I can listen to them as I'm doing other things and have come to view my drive to work and coming home like my own lecture theatre or masterclass to gain more insights on how I can improve myself. I was wondering what are your favourite podcasts to listen to and how do you go about your day listening to them?

Food cravings

I struggle with food cravings - I eat a very healthy diet around meal times, but crave crisps, chocolate and bread. I keep sabotaging my weight loss goals with this junk food. Any tips or supplements you can suggest?

Benefits of cold water...

I have recently started having cold baths every day and after the initial shock, I feel great. I would love to know more about the health benefits of doing this - I've been reading about cardio, brain health, immune and mood benefits, but haven't found an information source I trust. Also, is this the best way to do this? Or do I need ice?? I tend to stay in for 5-10 minutes - does the length of time make a difference. Thank you. I love your podcast. 😃

Keto diet

Hi, I love your podcast and I have learnt so much! I have been on a keto, low-fodmap diet for over 2 months now as I have had lots of problems with my gut for years now, especially after having gallstones. My nutritionist has given me various enzymes, probiotics and I have also taking some detoxification liquid drops. I am feeling a lot better, my energy is better, I don't get so hungry so regularly and I have no tummy pain. I can't seem to lose any weight though which is confusing and annoying me, I am wondering why I haven't lost any?