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Keto diet

Hi, I love your podcast and I have learnt so much! I have been on a keto, low-fodmap diet for over 2 months now as I have had lots of problems with my gut for years now, especially after having gallstones. My nutritionist has given me various enzymes, probiotics and I have also taking some detoxification liquid drops. I am feeling a lot better, my energy is better, I don't get so hungry so regularly and I have no tummy pain. I can't seem to lose any weight though which is confusing and annoying me, I am wondering why I haven't lost any?

Mold health issues

What are you thoughts on the extent of mold causes for chronic illness. I have had two positive tests for mycotoxins in my urine and am working with a Dr to clear this.

how to access podcast on phone when signed up on macbook

how do I?

Advice for carers

I know you have experience caring for relatives. I live with and care for my grandparents in their late 80s. I find myself very stressed as there is always something to be done alongside managing working full time and my own life. How do you best manage the stress of providing care and trying to look after your own life too. Thanks very much!

Post Menopausal

Firstly, a huge thank you Rangan for all of the amazing work that you have done & continue to do, to improve so many people’s lives. I would appreciate hearing from an expert on the menopause. Female bodies go through so much through the menopause which impact physically, emotionally and spiritually. I would particularly like to hear about tips for optimum health, post menopause, without taking HRT or any other medication. Thanks Rangan